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There are a few reasons for interest in buying recruitment agencies – some of which you may not realise!

  • Expansion – other agencies in similar sectors looking to expand their reach, whether geographically or simply to increase the size of their order books.
  • New sectors – it is incredibly difficult to decide to set up in a completely new sector and a lot easier to purchase a business already operating and known for its work in an area – an example of this is legal recruitment.
  • Financial issues – if a company has financial issues with substantial debts, they may look to acquire a fresh business and then move forward with that and allow the existing company to go to the wall. This is probably more common than you would imagine.
  • Step up the ladder – we get parents of recruitment consultants looking to acquire an employment agency to give their children a leg up with their career.
  • Skip the first 5 years of start up – lets face it we’ve all been there. You set up a business, its very exciting etc. but how many years does it take to actually give you a regular income? Much easier to acquire an existing agency with clients and staff.
  • Other companies moving into recruitment – we hear this all the time in all sectors – ‘surely it can’t be that hard to do recruitment/accountancy/law/surveying etc.. I’ll set up myself and prove it can be done. After all, recruitment consultants just send out CVs and get paid a load of money.’ Obviously these types of buyers can be a good option, regardless of the shock they get when they realise how difficult recruitment consultancy can be!
  • Its a good business – you may not realise it, but there are some very attractive recruitment agencies out there for buyers to acquire – yours may wel be one of them. Contact us today for a chat.
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