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Recruitment Agency Valuations

Recruitment Agency Sales provide valuations, exit strategy and retirement advice services to recruitment agency business owners, directors, managers of recruitment agencies and related recruitment sector businesses.

As part of the Jonathan Fagan Business Broker group, we have been working on business sales in a range of sectors for over 20 years. There are usually at least 50 businesses for sale within our companies at any time and we update our online lists regularly.

Why should I get a valuation report?

When you are making decisions about your future, planning for a sale, retiring, selling a share of your business, or simply curious to know what the company is worth, you need to get a professional valuation report. You can find lots of advice on the internet about applying multiples – for example one often cited is 6-10 x your earnings (usually cited as EBITDA but lets keep it simple!). Unfortunately for a lot of recruitment agencies this multiple is about as attainable as winning the London Marathon! Multiples are an invention from accountants to make valuations a lot easier, but they don’t tend to have much effect on value in real life scenarios – buyers pay what they think a business is worth, or they pay what they have to in order to acquire the business. Sellers tend not to be able to set a price and stick to it. Market valuations give you a realistic price range, as well as practical advice on improving your saleability and chances of a successful sale.

What valuation services do you offer?

We can provide a formal report prepared on a bespoke basis depending on the firm, the purpose for the report and the complexity of the entity being valued or reviewed. The report will give our opinion as to the open market value of a firm and provide details of any recently concluded deals of a similar size and type. It will also include suggested strategies for exiting the business, which are always tailored to particular circumstances. Our reports tend to be about 30-35 pages long.

Who do we provide valuation services to?

We provide valuation services to recruitment agencies of all sizes and varieties, ranging from non-trading entities through to large international businesses. As part of the Jonathan Fagan Business Broker group, we also undertake valuations in a number of different business sectors including solicitors and accoutants. Very often our valuations reflect the market price a business is later sold at.

What are the benefits of a valuation report?

  • Get an idea of the value of your business.
  • Formulate a proposal for the sale of your business.
  • Make decisions on business purchases and sales.
  • Take appropriate decisions on exit strategies, retirement and succession planning.
  • Make decisions on internal ownership and structural changes.
  • Get your business ready for sale and be ready to proceed.
  • Make sure you have the full picture about a business you are planning to buy.
  • Improve your saleability and chances of success with our expert advice.


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Thank you for your report … most illuminating and giving much food for thought.


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Thank you for your report – most enlightening !


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A, January 2024

Hello,thank you for a very comprehensive report which we have found very useful. I will no doubt be in touch. Kind regards


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How do I request a quote for a valuation?

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