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Buyer Services

Welcome to RAS Recruitment Agency Sales! With over 20 years’ experience buying and selling businesses of all shapes and sizes, we are well positioned to assist you in the search for recruitment agencies to buy.

Whether you are a buyer from another sector, a recruitment consultant starting out, or another recruitment agency looking to expand by acquisition, we can help.

Our services are designed to assist buyers at every step of the acquisition process, offering advisory services, valuation, and negotiation expertise to ensure that the transaction is both successful and beneficial to you.

Expert Consultation

Buyers, especially those who are new to the business acquisition process, benefit immensely from the guidance and insight of our experienced brokers. Our advisers understand the nuances of the recruitment market and can provide tailored advice on selecting a business that aligns with your financial goals, industry preference, and operational expertise. We help clarify the complexities of business ownership and the implications of various business models. Whether you are looking to purchase a locum medical agency or an IT recruitment consultancy, we are there to assist.

Business Search and Screening

Finding the right business to purchase can be a daunting task. We offer comprehensive search services that go beyond just simple listings. Our company has access to extensive networks and databases, including a lot of businesses not publicly advertised for sale. Our knowledge ensures that buyers have a broad range of options to consider. Once potential businesses are identified, brokers also assist in screening these opportunities, evaluating them against the buyer’s criteria such as profitability, location, market position, and growth potential.


Understanding the true value of a business is fundamental to the buying process – the last thing you want to do is buy something that immediately tanks! We provide expert valuation services to ensure you make informed decisions. Our valuations take into consideration a variety of factors including cash flow, asset values, market trends, and comparative business models within the sector. Every recruitment business is different, and they all have their own positive and negative points. Expert opinions on valuations are critical not only for negotiating purchase prices but also for securing financing, as they often form the basis of lending decisions.

Due Diligence Assistance

Due diligence is perhaps the most critical stage in the purchase of a business. We help you conduct thorough due diligence to uncover any potential risks or liabilities associated with the business. This includes reviewing financial statements, assessing compliance, examining contracts and leases, and evaluating employee and management structures. We work alongside accountants, lawyers, and other professionals to ensure that the due diligence process is exhaustive and transparent. Through our unique position in the market, as a business with strong links to law firm brokers and recruiters, we can provide recommendations on professionals with the expertise to assist you.

Negotiation and Deal Structuring

Negotiating the terms of a business purchase can be complex, involving numerous financial and legal considerations. We can assist with negotiations to any extent required. We can be heavily involved in some deals, yet others will conclude with limited involvement. Our negotiators who are adept at securing terms that ensure a fair deal for both parties. We help structure deals in a way that optimises tax implications and transition plans for the business. If we don’t know the answer, we have links to specialists who will assist.

Post-Acquisition Support

We don’t disppear once a deal is completed. We offer buyers post-acquisition support to assist new owners in the transition period. This might include advising on operational changes, integrating new management practices, or even additional training if required. We are there to help at all stages of the life of a business.

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